Dr. Karlis Ullis, M.D.  currently serves as Medical Director of the Sports Medicine & Preventive Medical Group, which utilizes the latest in scientific evaluation tools for evaluation and treatment.

Customized programs are then developed for each patient. This total-patient assessment includes a complete hormonal panel, biological age tests ( i.e. Telomere Length) ,  genetic testing and other advanced diagnostic techniques - - the same used by Dr. Karlis Ullis, M.D. to evaluate world-class athletes and develop sports and life enhancement programs.

All patient programs are medically monitored to ensure safety and maximize effectiveness.

The Four Dimensions of Aging & Regenerative Medicine

In medical terms, "aging" describes a complex relationship between various systems of the mind, body, the environment and ones genetic profile. However, at  measurable points in time everyone’s physiology can switch from being essentially anabolic (replenishing-regenerative) to catabolic (depleting). At these "critical points," around middle age or even sooner aging begins to accelerate dramatically. These catabolic- points in time need to be identified and the catabolic-aging  physiologic processes  altered to return to a normal anabolic-balance.

Dr. Ullis is the first physician to identify the four dimensions of aging:

*Neuro-Endocrine - how hormones and the nervous systems signals interrelate

to determine how we feel -  our mood, mental energy, memory, mental sharpness-clarity etc.

*Energy Metabolism - how we obtain and utilize energy. When not operating correctly often leads to obesity and diabetes.

*Bio-Mechanical - how we move. This Dimension  occurs often  before the others and many age quicker via the inability to move efficiently and smoothly without pain or any joint or muscle restriction.

*Lifestyle & Environment - the social and personal dynamics that govern how we relate to the world and the affects on  our genes also known as the “epigenetic effect”.


In order to start an effective regenerative program, one requires a minimum of three to four consultations to establish the foundation for a personalized regenerative (“anti-aging”) program.