Board-Certified Physician

Karlis Ullis, M.D., received his medical training at the University of Washington School of Medicine and the Geffen UCLA School of Medicine where he was a faculty member for 30 years.

He has a wide scope of practice thanks to his experience in Sports Medicine ( Non-Surgical Orthopedic Medicine).

In addition to 30 years of medical practice experience, Dr. Ullis has been the Team Physician at Five Olympic Games:

* 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games - General Physician,

  1. *1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games - Head Team Physician for El Salvador and Sierra Leone, 

  2. *1992 Alberville Winter Olympic Games - Head Team Physician for Latvian Olympic team,

  3. *1992 Barcelona Summer Olympic Games - Head Team Physician for Latvian Olympic team,

  4. *1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympic Games - Head Team Physician for Latvian Olympic team.

Dr. Ullis uses this world class sports expertise to address everyday problems of everyday people. Dr Ullis’ experiences in the many branches of medicine influenced by sports medicine allow him to provide extra dimensions to patients, including:

*  Rapid rehabilitation from injuries and injury prevention,

  1. *Treating male and female Testosterone Deficiency Syndromes,

  2. *Hormone balancing using natural  “Bio-identical” Hormones,

  3. *Preventive cardiology,

  4. *Optimal health and fitness,

  5. *Nutrition and Supplementation  for optimum function,

  6. *Attaining a lean muscular body composition, strength and robustness whether  young or older,

  7. *Sexual medicine and sexual-wellness.

Dr. Ullis has written three books (Age Right, Super T, Hormone Revolution Weight-Loss Plan), appeared on many local and national TV and some international interviews, presented in numerous seminars, made presentations around the world on longevity, exercise and sports medicine, published many articles,  is on the editorial board  of scientific journals such as Rejuvination  Research (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishers) Healthy Aging and others and is a member of many professional organizations ( including Endocrine Society, American College of Sports Medicine, Growth Hormone Research Society , Supercentenarian Research Foundation and others)

Dr Ullis’ philosophy is to provide each patient the best medical experience possible by leaving no questions unanswered and no problems uncovered.

Dr. Ullis' areas of special interest include:

  1. Low testosterone syndromes and pituitary dysfunction such  as androgen induced hypogonadism (AIH) and other pituitary disorders affecting the pitiutary-gonads / testes-axis,

  2. How to boost one's natural testosterone and growth hormone production without using external testosterone

  3. or growth hormone,

  4. Growth Hormone ( GH) releasing peptides:  Sermorelin, Tesamorelin , GHRP-2, and many others GH releasing peptides and agents,

  5. Recombinant IGF-1 ( Increlex  and Iplex),

  6. Longevity enhancement strategies,

  7. Weight loss and lean muscular body composition,

  8. “Turning on” one’s inherent regenerative - anabolic  system

  9. How to recover faster from exercise and injury,

  10. Hyperbaric Oxygen  (room air mixed with oxygen) therapy for various conditions,

  11. Sarcopenia ( muscle loss)  and  aging,

  12. Osteoporosis,

  13. Menopause and male Andropause.